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About Me

Hola! My name is Rosemary, and I started The House of Frida because I wanted to bring my passion for decor, design, and fashion to you. I grew up in a migrant family where we traveled wherever the work took us. We didn’t have much, but I appreciated and valued everything my parents gave us. From a very young age, I learned that if you wanted a good life, you had to work hard for it. My upbringing and constant moving around contributed to my very eclectic style. As a military wife, I am still getting to experience all that this country has to offer. Along the way, I have met people from different backgrounds and fell in love with the diversity that makes America a beautiful melting pot of various cultures. From a young age, my parents instilled a strong work ethic in me, and I am putting my best effort into this new endeavor. My goal is to bring you unique, beautiful, and versatile products that are top-of-the-line in quality. I hope everyone will be able to find that one piece they instantly fall in love with at The House of Frida. You’ll find that my culture heavily influenced the choices I bring to you, but I also brought you styles from around the world and even products proudly made in America.

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