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Morena Corazón

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Morena Corazón is a brand I am looking forward to providing. I came across Morena Corazón back in 2019 when I attended a body image bootcamp in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I instantly fell in love.

Morena Corazón is a brand that expresses the mystique of ancestral cultures through the aesthetics of jewelry and contemporary design.

It began to develop through contact with the Huichol culture, reinterpreting the colors and shapes of its ritual art in designs that fuse it with a current perspective.

The artisans work from their place of origin, respecting their traditions and culture. In this way, the magical hands of the artisan are united with the current vision of their designs. Thus, in the fusion of tradition and contemporary, Morena Corazón emerges.

The pieces are made in active meditation and union with the divine.

By acquiring one of our pieces you are supporting the development of the indigenous communities of Mexico; Nayarit (Huaynamota, Potrero de la palmita, Las Higueras and Nueva Valey) and Jalisco (San Andrés Cohamiata), practicing fair trade, helping them preserve their traditions.

What I love most about Morena Corazón is how it helps these wonderful communities. Here are a few ways they do that.

-They want the artisans that they work with to have enough income to feed their families well, have a decent home to live in, take their sons and daughters to school, take care of their health in the best way.

- Morena Corazón pays fair prices to artisans, and have ethical business practices, from start to finish.

- They want to contribute to transforming the fashion industry that generates so much poverty and pollution in the world.

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